August 10, 2012  •  Gertie & Mary  •  Articles - Odd Life of Timothy Green

Jennifer Garner’s life comes with its Hallmark moments. Just the other day, hubby Ben Affleck came home from shooting in Puerto Rico. “He hadn’t seen the kids in a week. The minute his feet actually hit the driveway, Ben had two girls hoisted up in the air — one kid in each arm.

“He looked at me with the biggest, happiest smile on his face.”

The mother of Violet Anne, 6; Seraphina Rose, 3, and new baby Sam is waxing eloquently on parenthood because she stars in “The Odd Life of Timothy Green” (opening Friday). She plays half of a couple told that it’s medically impossible for them to conceive. They write down all the traits they would love in a child and bury the paperwork in their garden.

A child named Timothy arrives from the dirt.

“I was so lucky that I didn’t have any problems having three beautiful children,” Garner says.

“I have so many friends who are going through infertility issues. I have so much enormous respect for that longing. It forces a woman to look at her own identity, who she is, and why this is not happening. There is the heartbreak of being told you will never have a child.”

Garner and Affleck juggle their work schedules to be home with their growing family. “I only do what I absolutely can’t say no to because it’s that good,” she says. “Ask my agent. He knows what I will and won’t do.”


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