April 24, 2019  •  Angie  •  Site Related

Welcome back to Jennifer Garner Fan! Ali had to sadly step down from the site, so I’m [Angie] the new owner. I used to run a Jennifer Garner fansite back in 2017, hence the familiar (albeit temporary) layout.

I’ve spent the past several days cleaning up the posts that contained broken links & editing the rest. The site pages are still under construction (except for the Website section, which has been fully revamped) but I hope to have the other sections completed very soon.

You may notice that we now have two brand new sections on the site: Press Library & Videos — both containing content from 2008-to the present day. Happy browsing!

Be sure to check back soon for HD captures from Jen’s most recent projects including Peppermint & Love, Simon. Thank you for visiting & enjoy your stay here!

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