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Webmiss: Angie
Site name: Jennifer Garner Fan
Opened: Circa 2002
Domain: (formly
Pictures: 60,000+

This particular Jennifer Garner fansite has a long history & used to be called Jen Garner Net and was under several domains over the years. The site is now under one of it’s original domains:!

It was originally launched sometime in 2002 by Gertie, although sadly, the original website has been lost & can only be viewed via the Wayback Archive (circa 2004 & circa 2005.)

The site was then handed over to Mary, who ran the site from 2008-2011, after which, Ali ran the site during 2011-2019 & started the site revamp by launching the brand new gallery.

It is now Spring 2019 and I [Angie] have taken over the site & completed the revamp (removing over 600 posts that featured broken links & videos that no longer exist.) However, I am happy that the site now contains an archive of sorts, filled with articles & videos from 2008 until the present day!

Thank you for visiting & I hope to make this site your ultimate resource on Jennifer Garner!