Please take the time to read through these questions, before contacting me, thank you.

Are you Jennifer/do you know Jennifer/have you met Jennifer?
I wish I did have the privilege of knowing Jennifer in person, but sadly, I do not. So, the answer to each possible question would be: ‘No, I do not know Jennifer, I am not Jennifer, and I have never met Jennifer.’ As such, any emails intended for Jennifer will be deleted, I’m afraid. See the question further down for an explanation.

Is this the official Jennifer Garner website?
No, it is not. As stated in the disclaimer, this is just a fansite. Jennifer does not have an official website at present.

Does Jennifer ever come here?
It would be nice, and it does happen from time to time. However, if Jennifer did visit and wanted to make her presence known, I’m sure I would receive word from an official source.

If I email you/send you a letter, will you send it to Jennifer?
No, I am not Jennifer, nor am I the Post Office. Any such emails will be deleted, I’m afraid. However, there is a fanmail address that you can contact Jennifer with, to request an autograph or to send your letters. Do let us know if you’re successful in receiving a reply!

Do you own the images in the gallery? Can I use them?
I do not own any of the images featured in the gallery — they are copyrighted to their respective owners, and no copyright infringement is intended, as stated in the disclaimer.

As for using the images featured at Jennifer Garner Fan, you are welcome to use them for fanart purposes and a link back isn’t necessary, though I certainly won’t complain if you choose to do so. I also can’t stop you from redistributing the images featured here, as technically, I do not own the images.

However, I would appreciate it if you didn’t redistribute the Jennifer Garner Fan Exclusive media such as original magazine scans, screencaptures, and the like, as these took up a lot of free time to make, as well as costing money to buy (scans, especially) for the site in the first place. So, please respect the work of myself and the Jennifer Garner Fan donators. Thank you.

Why aren’t there any candid/private images of Jennifer in the gallery?
Jennifer Garner Fan is proud to be stalkerazzi-free — I have chosen not to feature candid images of Jennifer on this site because I wish to respect her privacy & her family.

Why don’t you answer my emails/reply sooner?
I use the same email account for each of my fansites, and that account can fill up pretty quickly, which is why I sometimes take longer than the stated 2 weeks to reply. However, rest assured that I do take the time to read each email that I receive and I will reply whenever I have some free time, if a reply is indeed necessary.

Still have a question that wasn’t answered? Then feel free to contact me.

Last updated: April 24, 2019