August 19, 2014  •  Gertie & Mary  •  Articles - Charity

Charitable and cute! Ben Affleck completed the ALS ice bucket challenge on Monday, Aug. 18 and his video might be the best yet considering it features an adorably cute moment with his wife Jennifer Garner.

“Tyler Perry called me out so I’m going to take the challenge [and] I’m also going to make a donation,” the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice actor, 42, told the camera. “I guess I have to pick four other people so my people are going to be folks who I know from firsthand experience look good in a wet T-shirt,” Affleck jokingly added while challenging Jimmy Kimmel, Neil Patrick Harris, Matt Damon, and “the lady with the bucket” aka his wife Garner.

After stating his four people, Garner then dumps the bucket of ice over her husband of nine years and he immediately — and adorably — grabs her as they both fall backwards fully clothed into their pool. Off camera their kids can be heard laughing hysterically.

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