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JG: Let’s talk about him [Matthew] before he comes.

Question: What can you tell us about him?
JG: It’s just embarrassing to talk about him when he’s here, so if you want to ask, do it now.

Question: How was it working with him?
JG: It was great. He’s like the nicest best guy, such a brilliant actor and I really, really liked him. I hope I get to work with him again!

Q:Was he that charming, as he was in the film?
JG: Yeah, he is, he really is [Mathew enters room now]…he really is a charming, smart, funny, nice guy who has a good sense of humor about himself. Good, I’m all done. I told them if you want me to talk about him, do it before he’s here.

Q:Jennifer, reflect on motherhood now with the second one at home?
JG: Same thing but crazier…no, everything is going really well, thank you very much. Everybody is happy, healthy and it feels like it’s only one more but it feels like three more…I don’t know if you any of you…yeah, okay, good – then you know what I mean. Read More

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It’s about time Jennifer Garner did a romantic comedy after kicking butt in The Kingdom and showing her serious side in the indie hit Juno. In Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, Jennifer goes for laughs with co-star Matthew McConaughey.

Off-screen, Jennifer has her hands full with baby number two. But she’s getting lots of help from daddy Ben Affleck.

Guys and the “R” word.
“Guys are definitely romantic when they feel safe — not like they are supposed to be romantic — and they can do it because they want to. Sometimes you have to trick them into it by playing dead. All those special days like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, and birthdays are just there to give a guy a little kick in the pants and make him do something romantic.”

How to deal with a player.
“I never had a problem resisting somebody that I knew was going to break my heart. Going after the bad guy has not been a real issue for me. I would flirt with them and enjoy that part of it. Then I’d be like, ‘Play somewhere else, not in my playground.’ One thing that I liked about the movie was it sounded like a version of conversations I’ve had with tons of girlfriends, where it’s just, ‘Stay away from him.’ ‘Oh, I can’t.’ ‘Just leave it alone. It’s never going to happen.'”

Baby number two.
“It’s the same, but crazier. It’s only one more, but it feels like three more. Having the second is easier but the overall result is just chaos, but happy chaos.”

Being a working mom.
“I work really intensely on films but in a place where people are very respectful of me and of my kids. If I need to take a break and feed a baby, they let me. And that isn’t always the case for women in the corporate world. I also have the support that I need. I have a great partner in raising kids. Ben is super involved and there with me.”

Ben as babysitter.
“He’s great and it’s me that gets paranoid. Maybe I wrote out a few lists of what he was supposed to do for our first child while I was gone. But Ben can handle it. He’s a great dad. I’m the one who is a wreck when I can’t be with the kids.”

When the babies sleep, the kicking and punching starts.
“Some people play Scrabble or watch TV. But Ben and I have a house that on some nights is sort of like a dojo. I have taught him some karate. He’s a yellow belt.”

Relationship secret.
“The rule with marriage is the less you talk about it the better, as far as I can tell.”

Bridesmaid memories.
“I’m usually part of the disaster at a wedding, especially if I’m a bridesmaid, which I’ve been lucky enough to be several times. One time I had my dress altered and had not tried it on again. There was like six inches hanging from the hem and we had to duct tape it up. I never get ready until the last minute because I’m hanging out and chatting, and one time I went to walk down the aisle and I still had curlers in my hair.”

First romantic song.
“Mine was ‘Groovy Kind of Love,’ which I played in the marching band for homecoming while the homecoming queen and her court were coming out. And then at the dance afterward, I was trying to dance with the trumpet player when ‘Groovy Kind of Love’ was playing. My friends were saying, ‘Will you dance with her?’ And he wouldn’t. And I never got a kiss from him either. He has four kids now. His name is Tim Miller and I think he lives in West Virginia.”

Being directed by Ricky Gervais in The Invention of Lying.
“The worst thing about Ricky, as a director, is that if something is funny he breaks up and laughs and ruins your take. And I would say, ‘It’s your movie. Just leave. Just go in another room and let me just do it alone.’ He was like, ‘Just do it again.’ I said, Ricky, it’s not the same. You suck.'”

Source: Parade.com

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There’s only one word to sum up life for Jennifer Garner right now – boring. At least that’s what she wants us to think.

Even with today being her 37th birthday, Jen is playing her own party pooper on her big day and with life in general.

The truth is that she doesn’t do parties or wild nights our or even breakdowns like other celebs because she’s quietly going about what she really loves – motherhood mixed with just a little Hollywood.

With three-year-old Violet and baby Seraphina, born just four months ago, Jen and husband Ben Affleck have found the kind of happiness denied to so many famous couples. The couple first met as friends on the set of Peal Harbour ten years ago but didn’t become more than that until teaming up in their skintight jumpsuits for comic book movie Daredevil in 2003. At the time Affleck was living the popstar life with another Jennifer – Lopez. Now he and Garner have clearly found their place with each other and their young family.

Jen is making what has become one of her rare returns to Hollywood over the past few years with romantic comedy Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. Read More

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Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t the first actor to be elected to high public office in the US and he won’t be the last if Ben Affleck’s political ambitions grow unabated – and his wife Jennifer Garner thinks she would make a perfect First Lady.

“Sometimes,” says a smiling Jennifer Garner, the TV and movie star who is also the mother of Affleck’s two daughters, “I feel like Ben married me because I would be a good First Lady.”

While her comment no doubt is tongue-in-cheek, Garner does, however, acknowledge her 36-year-old husband’s aspirations.

Knowledgeable and articulate, Affleck was called on frequently for comment by America’s news networks during the presidential election and has openly expressed his interest in one day running for Congress.

“He’d be great,” says Garner, 37. “But it would be a long time from now. He needs to direct some (more) movies.” Read More

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Jennifer Garner sits on a plush sofa wearing a dark-green dress and a pair of very spiked designer shoes. The sight prompts a question that all of us who watched her madly dash about for five years as a spy on “Alias” wondered: How could she run like that in high heels?

“You just have to have faith, and you just have to go,” laughs the actress, who is starring in the romantic comedy “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past,” which opens Friday. “It was more scary to run in high heels than it was to jump off a building.”

Despite the heels, the 5-foot-8 Garner – who gave birth to her second child with husband Ben Affleck in January – looks remarkably fresh-faced in person, like the West Virginia girl she grew up as, taking ballet lessons and playing the saxophone in the high-school marching band.

On this day, which happens to be her 37th birthday, she wears little makeup, no stockings and no earrings. (Her father wouldn’t let her get her ears pierced growing up.) Around her neck is a muted gold necklace, but she seems uncomfortable with the heavy gold ring on her right hand, and fiddles with it during the interview. Her diamond engagement ring and wedding ring stayed firmly in place – in case you’re wondering.

As for birthday plans, the actress is circumspect. (“I’ll celebrate it one way or another.”) Since she first burst on the scene in “Alias” in 2001 – winning Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild awards as well numerous Emmy nominations – Garner has grown cautious about talking about her private life. Read More

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On keeping it real: “I never go nuts with my look. It’s easy to feel like you’ve gone into caricature territory when you do. I’ve found that if you feel like a good, you’re going to look like one.”

On what she’s learned from her mom: “She taught me to proof my yeast with a little bit of sugar–which she learned from her mom, Violet (the name of Jen’s oldest daughter). And she also taught me how to stretch a roasted chicken to make three meals. Though Ben could eat an entire chicken in one sitting.”

On practice making perfect: “These days I wear less makeup than earlier in my career, but I know a lot more about it now.”

On why Violet’s hair looks a little messy sometimes: “Ben will do the school run. He dresses her and does her hair. It’s pretty funny. (makes playful glance) You can always tell when he has been at it, just two random barrettes hanging in there. It’s so sweet.”

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Today Jen turns 37. We at jennifer-garner.net would like to wish Jen a Happy Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN !!!

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Promoting the principle that all children deserve an equal start in life, Jennifer Garner – actor, advocate and mother of two – is joining Save the Children’s U.S. Programs as an Artist Ambassador, the organization announced today. The U.S. division of Save the Children operates early education, literacy, nutritional and disaster relief programs that give a vital boost to children in struggling families.

As an Artist Ambassador for Save the Children’s U.S. Programs, Garner will focus on advocating for the expansion of the organization’s early education program. This public-private partnership brings highly trained experts into homes, providing parents with child-rearing and cognitive development tools for infants and toddlers. Today, 1 in 6 children in America live in poverty.

Garner recently traveled to California’s Central Valley and visited with Ysenea and her 12-month-old son Xavier, who live in public housing in Farmersville. Garner read to Xavier, played learning games that will help with his development and finger painted with him. She also listened to Ysenea describe the challenges she faces as a struggling young mother.

Following a tour of the area, she attended a book exchange program at the Sheridan School in Orange Cove where children with limited access to books at home or at school receive tote bags of books to keep for two weeks at a time. Garner read Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See? to 3, 4 and 5 year olds at the school.

“Three-year olds don’t even have bootstraps to pull on. Our leaders in Washington and in the states must commit every resource to put all children on an equal path to success,” said Garner, a native of West Virginia and the daughter of a schoolteacher. “Working with Save the Children, I hope to help young mothers give the same educational boost to her son that I try to give my own toddler and newborn.”

Next month, Garner will be the spokesperson for Save the Children’s State of the World’s Mothers report, which will focus on Early Childhood Education around the world and in the U.S.

April 7, 2009  •  Gertie & Mary  •  Butter - News & Projects

To paraphrase Brando: Get the “Butter.”

So said Mandate when it optioned “Butter,” rookie scribe Jason Micallef’s original comedy screenplay. Jennifer Garner is attached to star and possibly produce with Michael De Luca.

Late last year, Micallef scored the one-two punch of winning a Nicholl Fellowship and landing the third slot on the unofficial Black List of 2008 with his political satire set in the small-town world of competitive butter-sculpting.

De Luca Prods. exec Alissa Phillips brought De Luca the script, and Garner and Juliana Janes of Vandalia Films are in negotiations to serve in some producing capacity. Mandate president Nathan Kahane will executive produce.

Craig Gillespie and Gary Ross are among the directors circling the project.

“Butter” follows a young orphan who, after being adopted by a Midwestern family, discovers she has an uncanny talent for butter-carving. She eventually finds herself up against the ambitious wife of the retired reigning champion in a town’s annualbutter-sculpting contest.

“I wanted to do a political satire,” Micallef said, “and I was looking for some venue that people take very seriously but is also ridiculous — like politics — but at the same time is really visual.”

So the writer, who hails from Gloucester County, Va., flashed back to a fuzzy post-college road trip through a scorching August that resulted in a five-hour detour to the refrigerated building of the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, which housed competitors’ prized butter sculptures.

“I wish I knew why,” Micallef said. “It seemed like a good idea at the time.”

Mandate and Garner most recently partnered on “Juno.” The company’s latest releases are “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist,” “Passengers” and “Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay.”

Micallef, repped by Endeavor and Josh Turner McGuire, has sold a pitch to Showtime with DreamWorks TV, and he is rewriting the screenplay for “The King of Kong” for director Seth Gordon at New Line. Micallef is also working on an original comedy script with “Milk” producers Dan Jinks and Bruce Cohen.

Garner, repped by Endeavor and Management 360, next stars in the May release “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” and “This Side of the Truth,” hitting theaters in September.

CAA-repped De Luca most recently produced “21” and “The Love Guru.” He also produced the forthcoming drama “Brothers,” which MGM will release.

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Part action girl part rather good actress, Jennifer Garner is a Golden Globe-winning beauty who earned an army of fans as the sexy-but-serious Sydney Bristow in long-running US spy drama Alias.

She met her Matt Damon-obsessed hubby while on the set of Pearl Harbour, loving blossoming as the disaster – both artistically and commercially – was going on all around them. Often described as “wholesome” and “un-Hollywood” in the press, the alluring brunette first started out on a chemistry degree before switching to a drama course.

TV work then came quickly if infrequently, but today she’s said to be one of the best-paid actresses in America. And thanks to that fool of a hubby, she’s also now hooked on the Boston Red Sox.