November 10, 2013  •  Gertie & Mary  •  Dallas Buyers Club - Guest Appearances - Podcast

The ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ screened at the KCET Cinema Series on October 29 to a full house. Matthew McConaughey delivers a riveting portrayal of Ron Woodroof, the homophobic Texas electrician who is diagnosed with AIDS in the 1980’s, and his pursuit to find affordable medication and alternative treatments. The cast includes Jared Leto as a transgender AIDS patient, who becomes Woodroof’s business partner and friend, along with Jennifer Garner as Dr. Eve Saks.

Jennifer Garner, screenwriters Craig Borten and Melisa Wallack, and producers Robbie Brenner and Rachel Winter joined series’ host Pete Hammond for an insightful conversation about the film, working with McConaughey and Leto, and the years of struggle to get the film on the big screen.


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