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Here is a new interview with Jen. Thanks to Oliapk for a heads up.

Jennifer Garner is a very busy actress. Balancing her time between a successful career and, in her words, her favorite “job”: being a mother. Not that raising a family (she has two daughters, Violet, 7, and Seraphina, 4, and one boy, Sam, 1, and husband Ben Affleck) has meant sacrificing her love for fashion and for style. Perhaps precisely because of this the actress (and activist) has become a red carpet favorite admired for her sophisticated and glamorous allure. “I don’t like to seem like a paper cut-out even in fashion photographs, I want to look like a real woman”, she says proudly. We had a chat with Jennifer in photographer Mario Sorrenti’s studio during the shooting of the cover of this issue of MM Magazine and the “J- Bag” campaign. Here is our interview…

How would you define your style?
Pragmatic! I like to wear garments of guaranteed elegance, that have a real luxurious texture and feel good against your skin. Like a camel coat – you can’t go wrong.

Wife-mother-actress… You’re a very busy lady. How does this reflect in the way you dress?
I have a basic style mandate for myself: both in life and on the red carpet I don’t want to feel like I’m wearing a theater costume. Some outfits work on other people, but may be too cool for me. Of course, I like clothes to be beautiful.

How was it working with super photographer Mario Sorrenti?
Mario is a real dreamboat. Since he’s not here, I can say that. He’s a talented storyteller, a delightful enchanter.

Let’s talk a little bit about film. What was your favorite film when you were growing up?
“The Wizard of Oz”. I’ve watched it a lot recently with my kids and – I have to say – it is still a timeless success.

When was the first time you felt like an actress?
The first time I felt like an actress was my first real job. I was living in New York and I got a job as an understudy in a play entitled “A Month in the Country” starring Helen Mirren and F. Marie Abraham and Ron Rifkin. I made $150 a week. I didn’t have enough money to take the subway so I walked.

We heard you singing on the shoot today. Another passion of yours?
No, I would never sing in front of a camera. I sing lullabies at night. Usually I never sing in front of anyone. Or at least no one above the age of seven.

What do you think about the “J-Bag” – this season’s new cult bag by Max Mara – that you were photographed holding?
I like the size of it. I like that it’s big enough to carry whatever technology you want to stuff in there, but it’s small enough that you won’t lose your lipstick.

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