January 19, 2011  •  Gertie & Mary  •  Articles - Frigidare - Save the Children

Jennifer Garner was in Hollywood yesterday afternoon to celebrate the launch of the Frigidaire Kids’ Cooking Academy and whip up some healthy treats with local students. The actress is teaming up on the new project with her charity of choice, Save the Children, chef Mary Sue Milliken, and Frigidaire. Each time a parent signs up to receive Jennifer and Mary Sue’s daily cooking tips and kid-friendly recipes through the Academy, Frigidaire will donate $1 toward Save the Children’s efforts to bring nutritious food to underprivileged children. We spoke to Jennifer at the event about why she loves meal time with her own family, her favorite part of each busy day, and her plans for Valentine’s Day with Ben, Seraphina, and Violet.
Here’s what she had to say:

  • On her most memorable family meal: It’s not about one specific meal, it’s just about that time, and that quietness, and sitting down together. Whether it’s breakfast, or dinner, or lunch, or Sunday brunch, or whatever it is. It kind of makes you a family.
  • On her favorite part of every day: I always love waking up. I always love that first moment when the day is fresh, and you see your kids for the first time, and everyone is happy to see you and see each other, and it’s a calm, quiet house.
  • On whether she has crafts with the girls or a date with Ben planned for Valentine’s Day: Hopefully, all of the above! We’ll make some cookies and decorate them and, definitely, there will be some pink involved and some sprinkles involved.
  • On why the Academy is close to her heart: I’ve been working as an artist ambassador with Save the Children for several years now. I believe in it so, so wholeheartedly. One in five kids in the United States is growing up in poverty, which means that they are starting out so far behind in their literacy and in their kindergarten readiness that by the time they get to kindergarten, they are already a couple of years behind kids who are growing up in the middle class. So how are they ever going to catch up? It’s just a cycle. And Save the Children is really doing huge things to break that cycle

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