May 12, 2018  •  Ali  •  Guest Appearances - Videos

Jennifer was a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show this week and had a lot of fun … from farm noises, pregnancy tests, and giveaways.

Jennifer Garner Debuts Her Mom Advice Music Video

Jennifer Garner was Ellen’s co-host for her annual Mother’s Day Show, and since Jennifer couldn’t properly put her excitement into words, she did it in the form of a music video!

Jennifer Garner Didn’t Trust Her Pregnancy Test

Jennifer Garner told Ellen she had mother’s intuition when it came to her first child – she knew she was pregnant despite the fact that a pregnancy test and a doctor told her she wasn’t!

Ellen & Jennifer Garner Kick Off Mother’s Day with Pampers!

Ellen and her co-host Jennifer Garner kicked off the huge Mother’s Day Show with an amazing gift from Pampers!

Jennifer Garner Shows Off Her Farm Animal Noises

Jennifer Garner is a great actress, but how did she fare when Ellen tested her farm animal noises?

Ellen and Jennifer Garner Give Away ED Ellen DeGeneres Items!

Ellen and her co-host Jennifer Garner gifted the whole audience with stylish items from the ED by Ellen DeGeneres baby collection!

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