May 10, 2013  •  Gertie & Mary  •  Articles - Neutrogena

Listen to supermom Jennifer Garner: Stay out of the sun! “Sure, a tan looks good, but it’s not worth messing up your skin long-term,” the actress, whose peaches and cream complexion is testament to her commitment to sun protection, tells Us Weekly.

“It’s important to prioritize sunscreen as a family,” says the mom, who has three kids — Violet, 7, Seraphina, 4, and Samuel, 14 months — with husband Ben Affleck, 40. The Neutrogena spokeswoman, 41, tells Us how she covers her bases.

Wear SPF every day, rain or shine. “I love Neutrogena’s SPF 30 moisturizer with retinol and vitamin C. But if I’m going to the beach, I’ll use a waterproof formula with SPF 70.”

Educate children at an early age. “They do not relish putting on sunscreen everyday, but we make it quick. Ben puts it on the kids when I’m not home and vice versa. If I forget to do it, they’ll remind me.”

Limit time spent outdoors. “When I was younger and on the swim team, I’d try to get more and more tan all year. Now I know it only takes one burn to double your chance of skin cancer later in life.”

Buy 1, donate 1. “You have to be sure your kids are protected from the sun. One bad sunburn in childhood could actually double your child’s odds of developing skin cancer later in life. I love that for the months of May through July, when you buy any Neutrogena product with SPF, Neutrogena will donate one to a family in need. So not only are you doing something good for yourself this summer by being protected, but you’re also doing something for other families, too.”


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