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The ushering-in of summer days with barbecues! and beaches! and bathing suits! is finally upon us all!! And with the sizzling season comes the perhaps less fun but equally important topic of sun protection. When considering women with glowing complexions, we couldn’t think of a paragon more perfect than the radiant Jennifer Garner. So we hit her up to get some real talk on the importance of sunscreen and taking care of your face.

“I think there’s this haze of denial when we’re in our 20s and early-30s where we think, ‘Well, I don’t see any sun damage on my face so I must not be someone who gets dark spots.’ The reality is that it all shows up the day you turn 35. You start to have spots and you think: Why? That’s when you realize all those younger years of overdoing it have caught up to you,” she tells “So if you can just get in your brain to wear sunscreen now, I promise you will thank me later. You will see little old lady Jennifer walking down the street in 10 years and be like, ‘Wow, that really saved my skin!’ You really should have started wearing it yesterday, so make it as much a part of your day as brushing your teeth, and don’t look back. It’s the most magical thing: It just stops aging.” Here, the Neutrogena spokesperson gives us her six-step plan to achieving a complexion that beams so bright it could even rival the sun’s!

1. Wake up and work out!

“I like to work out early in the morning because I think it really does improve your skin if you just get moving first thing. I wake up at 5:30 A.M. I’ve worked out with Valerie Waters for 14 years now. She’s my ‘sunrise sister,’ and every day she comes to my house. We have a coffee while we work out, which is so not what you’re supposed to do, but whatever. It works for us! We watch the sunrise while we do a little bit of cardio like running on a treadmill or spinning on a bike. We do big weight-training circuits and whatever else she comes up with. I just do whatever she says.”

2. Take a shower and wash your face.

“If I’m lucky and I want to feel beautiful, I get a shower in after my workout. That doesn’t happen every day, but I believe in it. I use your basic Neutrogena face bar. I’ve used it forever. I’ve literally used it since I was 12. I like the smell: It’s clean and fresh. I feel like it’s part of what I smell like now, and my kids wouldn’t recognize me if I didn’t use it.”

3. Apply sunscreen.

“Immediately after, no negotiations, I have to apply my sunscreen. I use the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer. In the winter I use SPF 30, but now that it’s heating up I might use SPF 45, or if I’m gong to be outside, SPF 50. I like that it doesn’t make you look greasy and you can have it everywhere. I don’t think that sunscreen should be something that you get from the department store. You need to use it liberally and you shouldn’t have to feel worried about overusing your sunscreen. You need to have it everywhere, and you need to use it all the time.”

4. Conceal problem spots.

“Next, I usually use a little bit of concealer, because I feel like if your skin looks even, then really nothing else [is needed]. I’ll apply it around the nose, under the eyes, and wherever I have a spot. Neutrogena [used to make] these little pots, and I swear it’s not because I work for them, but they’re the perfect consistency. They have the perfect amount of pigment in them, and I’ve turned all my makeup artists onto them.”

5. (Matte) bronze a little.

“I also love a bronzer or blush, but I just don’t get to it everyday. I can’t say it’s something that I use all that often, but I like anything that just has a natural color to it. I’m probably past the shimmery bronzer phase of life. A makeup artist used an expensive matte one on me and he accidentally left it at my house, wink wink, if you know what I mean….”

6. Don’t forget the moisturizer!

“Then at night, I wash, use eye cream, and moisturize, and that’s it. I can’t say that I have a total favorite moisturizer, but I like one that has alpha hydroxy acids and all kinds of good stuff in it, because I know I’m just not going to use a little serum for this and a vitamin-whatever for that. I like the good stuff to all be in one product. So I can be kind of a slut in that way: I don’t really care what my moisturizer is!”


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