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Last August, Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry testified in front of the Assembly Judiciary Committee in support of a bill that sought to impose harsher fines on paparazzi who stalk the children of celebrities.

In her testimony, Garner described the 15 men with cameras who camp outside her house everyday, the mentally ill stalkers who sometimes try to blend in with them, and the impact that all this stalking has had on her kids. Her testimony was persuasive, and California governor Jerry Brown quickly signed the bill into law.

Although the law only came into effect in January, Garner says that she’s already noticing a difference. “It’s just totally changing our lives,” she told ET Canada’s Sangita Patel. “It got to where it just wasn’t safe for our kids. We had to stand up and say something, just as parents.”

Additional support from Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, who threatened to boycott publications that print unsolicited photos of celebrities’ children, helped turn the tide, and now Garner says that the paparazzi are no longer the sharks that they were a year ago.

“So are they still around? Yeah, but do I feel the threat the way that I used to? No, and with people like ET Canada – our hope is maybe our kids won’t be so recognizable in a few years which would be so great for them.”

(Even before Garner, Berry, Bell, and Shepard launched their campaigns, ET Canada had a “no unsolicited photos of celebrity children” policy in place. “It really does make a big difference and we can’t thank you enough,” Garner says).

Now that the paparazzi have backed off, Garner’s children are free to play outside more. One of the games they like to play also happens to be the subject of Garner’s most recent film: football. “It’s more of a family event to go outside and play, but I will say – I had two daughters first and then a little boy, and the little boy just turned two and can already sit down and watch a full game. He’s just mesmerized by it.”

In Draft Day, Garner plays an NFL salary cap manager. Apart from Ellen Burstyn, who has a small supporting role, Garner is the only woman in the main cast. According to Garner, however, the lack of women on the set was hardly noticeable; every movie that she’s worked on has been a little boys club to some extent. “The reality is every set is testosterone filled. I wish that we had more “buddy” films populated by women.”

One movie that could potentially fit that bill is Batman vs. Superman, which will feature Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. It will also star Ben Affleck, Garner’s husband, in one of the title roles. Details regarding the movie are being kept tightly under wraps, but Garner did let us know that she has seen her husband’s costume, and that she’s impressed. “I have seen the Batman suit. You are not going to be disappointed.”

Source: ETCanada.com

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