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Helicopter parenting isn’t something most readily admit, but actress and mom of three Jennifer Garner concedes that yes, she has a tendency to hover.

“I’ve been there. I helicopter,” Garner, 40, told CNN Monday night on the red carpet at the premiere for her new film, “The Odd Life of Timothy Green.”

The actress and her husband Ben Affleck are parents to 6-1/2-year-old Violet, 3-1/2-year-old Seraphina, and five-month-old Samuel, and Garner added that while she tries to live and let live, “it’s hard,” she said. “That’s just the time we’re all in now. We’re all so focused on our kids and I’m sure it’s too much. I think back and I realize my parents gave me a lot of space to become who I was and to be quirky and they didn’t really worry about it too much.”

That problem is especially tough when one becomes a parent for the first time, Garner said. But now that she and Affleck have recently welcomed baby No. 3 into their family, the actress is learning to relax a bit more.

“When you’re a first time mom that’s where you are. You can’t help it,” Garner said. “You really do walk around with five different kinds of diaper cream in a bag, and seven changes of clothes … Now with my third, I toss a diaper in a purse and I’m good to go. I can figure the rest out as I go along. You just realize that none of it is that important. If the clothes are a little bit dirty, the kids are going to be all right.”

Garner’s career as a working mom has been going just fine as well. In addition to next weekend’s “The Odd Life of Timothy Green,” Garner also plays a decidedly non-maternal role in the movie “Butter,” alongside Hugh Jackman.

“The stuff that I’m looking at right now is not mom-centric at all. The next movie that I have coming out, I’m a horrible person,” she said. “‘Butter’ takes place in the world of butter-carving in the Midwest state fairs. I play Laura Pickler, who’s definitely more on the naughty side of me than the nice side. She’s so ambitious and so hungry to win, that she’ll do anything. She’s a lot of fun.”


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