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Proud mother of three Jennifer Garner gives back at Frigidaire’s Save the Children event and shares with SheKnows how she keeps herself and her family healthy.

Jennifer Garner looked happy and healthy Wednesday as she donated her time to help the Save the Children charity at Griffith Park during Frigidaire’s “Adventures in Clean” event.

“I feel more compelled (to help) the longer I have children,” Garner told SheKnows. “I feel like my kids are so privileged, not just financially… in books, in literature, in libraries, in people who believe in them and encouragement. It makes me more and more driven.”

Garner and her family certainly have been blessed. In February, she and hubby Ben Affleck welcomed their first son, Samuel, to the clan, joining daughters Violet and Seraphina.

Post-baby fitness
And Garner is well on her way to dropping those post-baby pounds. The actress told us she works out every day with a personal trainer at home.

“I start my day with Valerie Waters every day that I can,” Garner said. “We’re not in a fancy gym, we’re just in a room in my home. We use 5- to 8-lb weights and do a little cardio. I try to go for a run when I can, and hope for the best.”

And though she may not be in as tip-top shape as she was in her Alias days, Garner says the key to staying healthy for her now is moderation.

A healthy balance
“One secret is to not freak out and not go so hard-core that I can’t sustain it, because I’ve done that before and it doesn’t work for me,” Garner told us.

Part of that healthy balance is getting in her guilty pleasures with girlfriends every once in a while.

“After everyone is in bed, I’ll go to a girlfriend’s house and have a glass of wine, and chocolate, and just dish,” Garner said. “Then I switch to tea because I have to drive home! Time with your girlfriends is the most regenerative thing.”

Whole foods
At home, Garner keeps the family healthy by stocking the fridge with whole foods from her local farmers market.

“One thing I always do is right around 3 o’clock when everyone starts to get hungry, I make sure there are cut up vegetables out on the counter,” Garner said. “There are carrots, bell peppers, sugar snap peas, lots of fresh vegetables. You have to have the food out in front of them.”

Finding happiness
But the most important thing to staying healthy, Garner said, is a positive outlook.

“My mom taught me that your happiness is your own responsibility and you have to find happiness in small moments,” she told us. “You can’t wait for it to be big and sweeping. I do have a happy big sweeping life, but I really find happiness in the small moments.”

Source: SheKnows.com

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