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Jennifer Garner announced that she was pregnant with her third child just weeks before hitting the film-festival circuit with her new comedy, “Butter.”

Any of the bleary-eyed celebs wandering Toronto can attest to the grind of a film festival, from the red carpets to day-long press junkets to glad-handing at parties all night — but handling it while dealing with the typical discomforts of pregnancy would seem even tougher.

Yet Garner says she’s taking it in stride.

“Luckily, I’m just at that … window when you’re pregnant — the magic second trimester — where you feel you’re done being nauseous,” the personable star said in an interview Wednesday, clad in a black dress with a vibrant red cardigan.

“Right now, I forget that it’s there except that I can’t have wine at the end of the night.”

Still, Garner admits that there have been some queasy moments.

“We were at a screening in the first trimester, when I was quite green,” recalled Garner, who has been married to Oscar-winning actor Ben Affleck since 2005.

“And we were sitting in this restaurant beforehand. We needed to have these conversations, but the smells of the restaurant — I was really like, wooo,” she added, opening her eyes wide and sucking in air sharply.

“I had this lollipop at the time. I had a purse full of lollipops. People were like: ‘Do you want dinner? You’re just going to have a lollipop?’ I was like, ‘Nope, just lollipops.’ I was like having one after the other after the other. So that was difficult.”

On Wednesday, Garner was still basking in the glow of the “Butter” premiere. She produces and stars in the satirical comedy about the cut-throat world of competitive butter-carving in small-town Iowa.

The film — which co-stars Olivia Wilde, Ashley Greene, Alicia Silverstone, Hugh Jackman and Ty Burrell — has subtle political undertones that were brought to the forefront after an incident at Tuesday night’s premiere, where Wilde read a message from the absent Harvey Weinstein, whose company is handling the film.

In the note, Weinstein invited Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann to the Iowa premiere of the film, while adding that the two could take math classes together to help balance the budget and play some “verbal ping-pong” on gay rights and women’s rights.

The invitation was the top story on Variety’s website on Wednesday, and Garner could only tip her hat to Weinstein.

“I certainly wouldn’t sell it as a political movie although Harvey is certainly much more savvy than I, and a genius at selling a film,” she said. “So I was just looking actually at this headline in Variety that Bachmann’s been invited to the premiere.

“It’s like, Harvey, you are amazing. He just is so good at what he’s good at. So I just have to hand it to him and stay out of the way.”


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