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Jennifer appeared on today’s Ellen DeGeneres show and gives us an overview of her appearance.

Jennifer Garner‘s visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday ended with the Love Simon actress participating in a blind taste test — an exercise that she called “the worst game I’ve ever played.”

The 45-year-old actress is the co-founder of the organic baby food line Once Upon a Farm, which transports cold-pressed, freshly-made baby food from the farm to the grocery store refrigerator section.

“It’s all organic, all farm-fresh…it’s like we made it ourselves,” she told host Ellen DeGeneres during their sit-down chat, gushing about the product.

She may be regretting that plug now, though. Since Garner has become an expert at identifying flavors, DeGeneres thought it would be fun test her skills, blindfolding her and feeding her items like sweet potatoes, applesauce, lemonade, guacamole, and oranges—all in a row.

For each item Garner correctly identified, DeGeneres said she would donate $1,000 to one of Garner’s favorite charities, Save the Children.

“I’m a little bit nervous,” Garner said as the game began.

All was going well until DeGeneres fed her a bite of a pickle.

“I don’t like pickles,” Garner said. “This is the worst game I’ve ever played. You’re the worst!”

In the end, Garner correctly identified six items, but DeGeneres rounded up the number to ten — donating $10,000 to Save the Children from her friends at Shutterfly.

“Oh my gosh, thank you!,” Garner said upon seeing the oversized check.

Garner announced she was joining forces with Once Upon a Farm back in September, explaining in a press release that she is “passionate about childhood nutrition and making sure we are leaving a healthier and happier planet for the next generation.”

“I have three lunch boxes to pack each day and understand the problems that must be solved with serving fresh food to young children,” she said. “My mother made every single meal for me, and I have always been a big believer in staying connected to the earth, which grows our food.”

Recently, she took fans on a tour of the company’s headquarters in southern California, showing off her “first-ever desk.”

The Ellen DeGeneres Show airs weekdays in syndication (check local listings).

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