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People interviewed Jennifer last night on the red carpet of the screening of Wakefield. She talks about the new film and working with Bryan Cranston.

New York City may be experiencing record temperature highs, but that didn’t stop Jennifer Garner from staying cool on the red carpet Thursday night — while at the screening of her new film Wakefield.

The 45-year-old actress wore a black strapless tea-length dress with gold accents to the event, held at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema and hosted by The Cinema Society and FIJI Water. She accessorized the look with simple black pumps and silver jewelry.

Garner stars in the film alongside actor Bryan Cranston, who was also at the event. He wore a charcoal suit, white shirt, and black tie.

Based on an E.L. Doctorow short story, the film tells the story of an attorney named Howard Wakefield (Cranston) who spends months hiding out in his garage attic after a nervous breakdown — spying on the reaction of his wife Diana (Garner) and their family to his disappearance.

Speaking with reporters, Garner revealed that before shooting began, she and Cranston underwent “intimacy training” in order to accurately portray a longtime couple onscreen.

“We did this intimacy training, we sniffed each other, we checked out each other’s feet,” she said.

So how did her costar fare?

“Brian smells delicious, he smells like Ivory soap. I would sniff him anytime,” she quipped.

Garner also said that she can understand the appeal of Wakefield‘s theme of escaping reality.

“I can see the allure of it. I’m in the thick of raising kids,” she explained. “My escape is when I go to work.”

Directed by Oscar-nominated screenwriter Robin Swicord (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button), Wakefield is in theaters now.

While Garner and Swicord worked together on this picture, there’s another director clamoring to collaborate with the former Alias star — ex Ben Affleck.

The 44-year-old actor told PEOPLE that that he’s hoping to direct a female-led film starring Garner.

“I would love to, are you kidding me?” the Oscar winner said. “I think that would be great. I’ve often said that I want to direct a movie that Jennifer was in because I think she’s so great and she could do something really cool.”

The only hitch? It would be a scheduling nightmare for the kids of the friendly exes: Violet, 11, Seraphina, 8, and Samuel, 5.

“The problem that gets in the way is that one of us has to be looking after the kids at home,” Affleck explained — adding the two would have to wait until the kids are in college. “I’ve got another however many years until college. We’re lockin’ it down for the next 13 years.”

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