March 19, 2011  •  Gertie & Mary  •  Articles - Save the Children

Mediaplanet Publishing released the special edition of their Early Education publication. The publication will be distributed as a special section within USA Today in the high-impact markets of Denver, Washington, DC, Baltimore, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

In ongoing support of early education this report will reach over 1.3 million readers with contributions from organizations, researchers, teachers, parents, and advocates who continually develop programs and learning tools to progress the future of our children. In partnership with the most influential Early Education supporters in the country this publication will raise awareness on the value of education starting from an early age.

It is our responsibility to provide dynamic changes and innovations through our family life and educational programs. It is also our responsibility to continually provide these young impressionable beings the most progressive and qualitative educational environment. Through these changes we will continually improve their lives with educational advancements while transforming the well-being and quality of these children’s futures. In turn readers of this report will be educated on the many ways to help change the face of education starting from an early age.

“To me, everything comes back to our national will. Education is an investment in everything that touches our lives. If we invest fully in all our kids from cradle to cap and gown, there is no question we will have the kind of nation we wish to have,” says Jennifer Garner, Actor, Advocate of Save the Children, and mother of two.


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