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Yes, it’s winding way down here in Toronto. Many of the stars have left town. The hotels are emptier. But big names are still flying in. Alicia Silverstone, Olivia Wilde and Jennifer Garner all converged on the Intercontinental hotel on Tuesday afternoon to promote Butter.

Garner, pregnant with her third child, stars in and produced the quirky film about a butter-carving competition and the ultra-driven woman (Garner) amped up to win it. At this point, she’s been in Toronto so many times, she can apply for dual citizenship. “I was here for my husband last year for The Town. I was here before that for The Invention of Lying,” she says. “I have spent some serious time in Canada, for sure.”

And she’s spending her day in impressively tall Prada heels. Not that Garner is bragging or anything. “I wore the short ones. Rachel Zoe would not be happy. I have some that are two inches taller that I wore last night,” she says. “You go through a training course when you’re in the Screen Actors Guild. They have an obstacle course in platform heels. Everybody you see out there, we’re all in it.”

Her rules for having a good time here:

  • “Snacks. We have snacks in the car. We have candy in the car.”
  • “While I’m very good about caffeine, I am also not afraid once or twice a pregnancy to have a half-caf latte. Today is one of those days.”
  • “Find ways to be as comfortable as possible and just go with it. It’s not an illness, being pregnant. I’m in the easiest part of it.”Garner’s film has very positive buzz, which makes the actress giddy. “I was so pleased — pleased doesn’t begin to describe — relieved, grateful, surprised, shocked when we got the first big laugh,” she says. And unlike her character, “I’m not that competitive — unless it’s at Scrabble.”
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