October 2, 2009  •  Gertie & Mary  •  Articles - Invention of Lying

Jennifer Garner, star of ‘The Invention of Lying,’ sat down with ET’s Thea Andrews to reminisce on working with Ricky Gervais and how she got caught in a white lie as a child.

What was it like to have the funnyman as a boss? Garner said, “He is so goofy that the rest of us felt like the boss sometimes.” Gervais is not only her co-star in this film, but also a producer and director.

While Gervais himself may call her “wholesome,” Garner admits that we do need lying in our society. What is the worst lie this good-girl got caught in?

She confessed, “I was supposed to feed a goldfish down the street when I was about seven for a family when they were out of town and I lost the key. The goldfish died. And I tried to say, ‘Oh, no. I was there.’ But I got caught because the mail had been stacking up. Once I lost the key I just never went again.”

‘The Invention of Lying’ is in theaters now.

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