August 5, 2010  •  Gertie & Mary  •  Articles - Butter

Only ET can take you on the top-secret set of Jennifer Garner and Hugh Jackman’s new movie ‘Butter’!

In the film, expected in theaters next year, Jen plays Laura Pickler, the hard-driving wife of a blue-ribbon butter carving king — “Modern Family”‘s Ty Burrell.

“She’s very ambitious for the two of them. And he decides without talking to her that he is going to give up butter carving and become a judge – and it makes her crazy,” Jen says.

Now, Jen thinks it’s her turn to go for the gold!

Cowboy Hugh, meanwhile, is Jen’s ex high school sweetheart. He thinks the way to rekindle their romance is by helping her become the dairy carving queen!

“They were probably meant to be together and she dumped him,” Hugh explains. “And even though he’s remarried… the moment she turns up on his doorstep he drops [everything]… it’s like, ‘This is my second chance.’ So he’s very briefly very happy.'”

‘Butter’ also stars ‘Twilight”s Ashley Greene, and a dark-haired Olivia Wilde plays the sassy town stripper who wants to melt Jen’s butter champ dreams.

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