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Jennifer Garner has hit the jackpot here in Las Vegas. She’s showing off a clip to those gathered at CinemaCon of her latest film, The Odd Life of Timothy Green. Garner’s talking with Movie Fanatic exclusively just prior to the footage presentation to talk about the magic that is her new film.

The film is a heartfelt story with a lot of magical elements. It follows a couple, Cindy and Jim Green (Garner and Joel Edgerton), who cannot wait for the day when they welcome their first child. Suddenly, Timothy Green shows up on their doorstep after a storm. The new parents and their entire community learn a lesson through Timothy, that the unplanned often results in life’s rarest of gifts.
The fact that the finished product is something that someone eight or eighty could enjoy, completely surprised the mother of three.

“I was surprised by how universal it is. When I watched it, there was a little kid next to me. I thought maybe this wasn’t for them. I see it through my own lens. The kid loved it more than anyone in the theater,” Garner said and laughed. “They see the other kids in the movie. Kids are totally in love with this film. That is such a bonus for me that it is such a family film that everyone can go to and enjoy.”

The actress was so moved when she initially read the script, she had to make The Odd Life of Timothy Green her next project. “The writing resonated with me. I fell for it myself. The way that parenthood is presented, it’s very true,” she added.

CJ Adams could not have been a better choice of an actor to play the title character. Just from what we’ve seen from the footage here in Vegas, this is a star-making turn for the young actor. The production looked at legions of actors, but when Adams walked in, he was their Timothy Green — the boy who mysteriously arrives in Garner and her onscreen husband’s lives.

“CJ is Timothy. I cannot imagine anyone else playing the role. He kind of does seem like a kid from another land who’s made up by as much magic as he is flesh and blood. He’s something really special. I fell pretty hard for him.”

Source: MovieFanatic.com

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