June 21, 2021  •  Ali  •  My Glory Was I Had Such Friends

JJ Abrams confirms that he is working on some new projects with Apple TV+ and one of them includes a new project with Jennifer. There has been brief mentions of this in the past, but excited to hear this limited series is officially coming about.

“I’ve been nothing but happy working with Apple.”

J.J. Abrams has stated in an interview that he has loved his experience working with Apple on Apple TV+ thriller Lisey’s Story, which debuts on the platform on June 4.

Speaking to Decoder, Abrams revealed how writer Stephen King brought him on for the project, what it was like to collaborate with King, and how they brought the novel to life in the series. But it was perhaps Abrams’ comments on working with Apple that were the most interesting. Asked about the budding partnership between the two he said:

I will say I’m a big fan of the people at Apple TV+ and I love the experience so far. Certainly on Lisey’s Story they’ve been incredible partners. I feel like at the end of the day a big company, a big network, it’s going to be the people who are there, who are calling the shots, and who you either feel like you see eye-to-eye or you don’t. I feel incredibly lucky working with the folks at Apple because I think we seem to be seeing things that excite us all at the same time in a way. So I’ve been nothing but happy working with Apple.

Abrams confirmed that he is working with Jennifer Garner and Apple TV+ on My Glory Was That I Had Such Friends, but in a throwaway comment confirmed that he is also working on “a couple of other things.”


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