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Jennifer Garner believes children are perfectly capable of comprehending complex situations.

The 41-year-old actress shares daughters Violet, eight, Seraphina, three, and son Samuel, 22-months, with husband Ben Affleck.

Jennifer has been reading her tykes books from kids’ series little BLUEPRINT recently and she applauds the way the narrative supports their cognitive development.

“I love little BLUEPRINT books because they respect kids’s intelligence and ability to [work] through things that can be tough,” she told People magazine.

“They’re still cherished at my house because they tell very personal stories and are filled with very personal photographs.

“They [also] empower kids — even little kids — to take charge of their emotions, their sleep and their bodies. Kids process their lives through stories [so] why not make the stories about them?”

Jennifer, who notes the writer behind little BLUEPRINT is her one of her “first mom friends” Katherine Eskovitz, says the books have directly impacted the running of her household.

After reading an edition in the collection about how to prepare for an emergency, the Garner-Affleck residence now has a disaster plan.

“[It] proved to be a great conversation starter in my house,” Jennifer said. “After reading To Be Safe at Home, I Have a Plan, my kids prompted me to work with them on our family’s plan to stay safe in an emergency.”

Last month Jennifer, a Save the Children ambassador, aided Washington D.C. politicians in pitching the proposed legislation, which would make preschool available to the poorest American youth.

The actress believes all youth should have access to quality education.

“This is important to me because the playing field for kids in America is not equal,” she told CNN at the time.

“And without starting from the very beginning and getting an earlier start on their education, they have very little chance of catching up….”


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