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Celebrities from the Broadway, film, music and TV worlds have been posing for photos with elephants for a charity project called the Elephant Project to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association.

The Elephant Project’s goal is to raise funds and awareness for the Alzheimer’s Association through celebrity participation. The elephant is the symbol of the project as “elephants never forget.” Stars, such as Julie Andrews, Jennifer Garner, Adam Sandler, Idina Menzel, Kristin Chenoweth, Sarah Silverman, and Shirley MacLaine have been posing with an elephant beanie baby and signing special Elephant Project cards in order to create items for auctions. Rounds of auctions are held every few months, with each celebrity package consisting of an 8×10 photo of the celebrity and an elephant, an autographed card, and an elephant beanie baby.

The current round of auctions consists of 22 auctions, which are all currently live on eBay! All auctions will end on the night of Sunday, March 15th starting at 9pm EST. Some of the current auctions include Julie Andrews, Shirley MacLaine, Patrick Wilson, Kelli O’Hara, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Nikki Blonsky, various Saturday Night Live cast members and Sarah Silverman! The link to the eBay auctions is

The Elephant Project was created in July 2006 by 17-year old David Niederhoffer after his grandfather passed away from Alzheimer’s disease. He wanted to create an organization to raise awareness and funds for the Alzheimer’s Association, and to get teenagers more active in community service. The Elephant Project is officially recognized and supported by the Alzheimer’s Association, which has assisted the project in many aspects.

Visit for more information and to view the current auction schedule with details on how to bid. Information on how to donate to the Alzheimer’s Association through the Elephant Project is listed on the website.

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