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Thanks to my friend Soraya, I’ve posted the translation from the Gala interview below.

Gala: At home, who puts the garbage out?
Jennifer Garnier: Well, most often, it’s me. Besides what people may think, I’m a really houseproud housewife. It’s important to me. I cook a lot, as well.

G: Do you sort out your garbage?
JG: In my country, it’s easy to do it thanks to the different garbage cans set up. The blue one for everything recycable, the green one for the vegetable and the dark one for anything else. The environmental protection is not just a fashionable subject to me. I’ve always taken care of it.

G: What is the first thing you buy in a supermarket?
JG: Anything for my children (Violet 4 and a half, and Seraphina 1 and a half). Most of the time, I run to dairy produce shelves because I don’t want to forget anything. With two children, shopping looks like an expedition. You need to have a list.

G: Do you remember you first boyfriend? Is it a good memory?
JG: Yes, I was 17 and it was in West Virginia where I grew up. He was mad about planes. He even got his flying license and, sometimes, he took me on his little two-seat plane to go picnic in the middle of nowhere. Now that I’m a mother, I think I was mad. I didn’t even tell my parents.

G: Were you chasing after boys?
JG: Did you see pictures of me when I was young? Frankly, it’s worth it. That would avoid you to ask me that question. I didn’t look my best with my big glasses.

G: At school, did you seat in the front or in the back?
JG: I tried to be a disciplined student. I was interested in many subjects and above all sport. I had a crush on my sport teacher. His name is Mr. Monaghan. I even gave him a nice necklace with a heart as a pendant.

G: Do you think you are ugly?
JG; To me ugly or pretty is superficial. I would say, some days I feel well and, some others, I don’t, to the point of not wanting to get out of home. A lot of women must feel that way.

G: What do you think of yourself when you look at the miror in the morning?
JG: Frankly, I don’t think about that in the morning. Sometimes, I don’t even have time to look at the miror. I have to feed my daughters before going shooting. I have two children but I feel like I have five.

G: What stresses you most?
JG: I don’t understand why the paparazzi and the media are so interested in the children of famous people. It’s a real stress when I walk on the streets. I have to hang out with the paparazzi.

G: Do you fall asleep when you watch TV?
JG: More often than you think. I’m very busy during the day because I try to take care of my children, take a look at their education and keep on going with my career. The evening, I’m so tired that when I sit on the sofa, in front of TV, I fall asleep right away.

G: Do you watch your movies or your shows when they’re broadcasted on TV?
JG: If I’m alone, no, not really. But if I’m with relatives, like my best friend Victor Garber, who played my father in Alias, we sometimes watched an episode of the show for old days sake.

G: Have you always been on diet?
JG: My best diet is sport. To stay thin, I run several times a week. I have a good coach and I refuse to be starving. Fortunately, I like cooking so I can have a balanced food.

G: What do you think of the French?
JG: I think they liked Alias and they still look at me as my character even if the show stopped several years ago and that now I play in movies. Anyway, France is my favorite country. I learnt French. I marvel at your culture. To me, France is the center of the world.

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