June 12, 2021  •  Ali  •  Site Related

It has taken me a few days to figure out how to write this post … my name is Ali and you may remember me as I was one of the previous owners of Jennifer Garner Fan. I am sad to share that earlier this week we learned that our friend Angie, the webmaster of this site had passed away.

The fansite community immediately came together to remember Angie and the wonderful person she was; a woman who cared deeply for her daughter and her friends. Angie was the one who always looked out for everyone else; If you mentioned being sad, having a rough day, or anything she was the first to say “What Can I Do?” I challenge each of you today to honor her memory by deciding to be more aware of those around you.

Angie has requested that I continue this site that she loved so much. I am totally honored by this request and plan to do my best to continue sharing the love we all have for Jennifer the way that she would have loved. Angie, I will miss our fangirling over Jen and the talks about our daughters. May you be in peace my friend!

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