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Actress and children’s advocate Jennifer Garner was on the Hill Wednesday morning. She brought a message from a young advocate-in-training: her six-year-old daughter, Violet.

When Garner explained to Violet that she was leaving home for a day as a part of her work as an ambassador for Save the Children, she told her daughter that she’d be speaking to some senators and to members of the CIA.

“She disappeared for a bit,” Garner told the audience at Wednesday’s Save the Children event, “and came back with a letter she wrote absolutely on her own.”

The letter read as follows:

Dear Senators and CIA,

Please give my mom the money she wants. It is a really good cause. I appreciate the time you’ve taken on my letter.

Sincerely, Violet Affleck

The letter brought a little levity to the event, put on by Save the Children and First Focus, to unveil a report card on the health and well-being of kids in America. (America is not apparently taking great care of its kids, scoring a C- on education, a D on economic security, and a C+ on health and safety.)

Garner spoke about the poverty she saw growing up in West Virginia and the dismal living conditions she’s seen across the country as part of her work for Save the Children. Sen. Chris Dodd, Sen. Bob Casey, and Save the Children president Mark Shriver also spoke at the event. All praised Garner for her advocacy, and Shriver credited her with getting his organization’s programs launched in West Virginia.

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