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Jennifer Garner has come a long way from her first TV movie Zoya back in 1995 which then has put her on the right path to having a huge Hollywood career- Elektra, Alias, Juno, and the Oscar award winner for best movie this year, Dallas Buyers Club and countless other movies and shows in between.

But even with various roles, not to mention wife/mother of three beautiful children, this dimpled darling from Texas, at 42, still looks a decade younger than she really is. So, who does Jen do it? Read on as Garner reveals her top beauty secrets here.

On Skin Care:
“Right after brushing my teeth and washing my face, I put on sunscreen immediately. It has to be in my moisturizer, in my makeup.”

“My mom has always been a big believer in sunblock.”

Sunscreen should definitely be in everyone’s routine, even when it’s cloudy outside. You have to remember, even on gloomy days, those nasty UV rays are still out to damage your skin. And the those harmful effects can range anywhere from sunspots wrinkles and uneven skin to skin cancer. So better stay protected and always slather on the good stuff.

Aside from that, when she’s not out shooting, she likes to give her skin a rest.

“Most days I don’t get around to makeup. If I do, it’s pretty simple: concealer, blush, mascara, and some lipcolor. If I’m really going for it, I might fill in my brows. Generally speaking, brows are underserved.”

Jennifer Garner talks a bit about her normal routine, which includes:

“Washing my face, a little sunscreen in my moisturizer and putting my hair in a ponytail.”

On Hair Care

Speaking of ponytails, when it comes to hair care, out of everything that she has learned from the pros, her hairstylists, this is what she follows religiously:

“They taught me that letting my hair dry naturally – which is what I do every single day – is good for it… But it’s not always going to look good. Pulling out the blow-dryer and the curling iron really does make a difference. But to be perfectly honest, I don’t even know where the hair dryer is in my house.”


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