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Jennifer is a presenter tonight at the Academy Awards and we have the first pictures of her on the red carpet. She wore a fringe gown designed by Oscar de la Renta.

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I am so excited about this! This is not directly about Jennifer or her career but it is about a topic that Jennifer has been lending her voice to so I wanted to share.

One of the most popular online celebrity blogs has started a No Kids Policy on their site! Thank you!

Exciting announcement!

Effective immediately, and will be enforcing a #NoKidsPolicy, which means we won’t be publishing unauthorized photos or videos of celebrities’ children who are not public figures themselves.

Here’s a little recap of how we came to this decision: Last August, Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry championed a paparazzi bill that was signed into law by California Governor Jerry Brown to impose tougher penalties on photographers who harass children of public figures. While enacting this bill was a step in the right direction, kids are still being intimidated, harassed, and stalked.

Recent discussions I’ve had with actresses Blake Lively, Jaime King, and Kristen Bell prompted me to take the next step at Just Jared by suspending the use of unauthorized photos of celebrities’ children throughout our sites. What does that mean for JJ readers? We won’t be posting photos of children of public figures without consent. All of the paparazzi shots of kids playing at the park, catching a flight at the airport, and walking to school will be off limits. Exceptions to the rule include consensual photos like public figures with kids on the red carpet, at sports games and concert venues, and pictures shared directly via social media.

I’d personally like to thank each and every one of you for your support throughout the years. Some of you have been loyal readers even before I launched in 2005! Yes, it’s been that long.

- Jared Eng, Editor-in-Chief

Other sites who have also taken this new policy are People, E!Online, The Insider and Entertainment Tonight. Hopefully others will be joining the fight.


Jennifer has been announced as one of the presenters for the Academy Awards on Sunday!


Starpulse shared this article where Jen shared how hard it was to go back to work after having her children.

Jennifer Garner was “emotional” about going back to work so soon after giving birth.

The 41-year-old actress – who has children Violet, eight, Seraphina, five and 23 month old Samuel with her husband Ben Affleck – found it tough starring in Oscar-nominated drama ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ while she was still nursing her young son, and was anxious about having to keep people waiting on set so she could feed him.

She told Radio Times magazine: “I was very nervous – it’s hard to leave your baby at home and go to work. And I was a nursing mum, so I was extra emotional about it. By, by the end, it made me remember how much I like my job and that I have to keep things more in balance.

“I’ve nursed each of my babies and I’ve worked during that first year of having them. So, if we talk brass tacks here, that means I’ve had to work with a pump and feed the baby at lunch. I’m versed in how to say, ‘In about ten minutes I’m going to need to disappear’, but on this movie we moved so quickly, there was never time.

“So everyone had to sit and wait for me, which made it emotional because I hated making a crew wait, but I couldn’t start weaning my baby just because of a movie.”

The ’13 Going on 30′ star admits her children only have a basic understanding of what their parents’ careers involve because they’re too young.

Jennifer said: “They’ve always had some kind of sense of it. My daughter turned two while I was doing a play in New York, and if you asked her what I did she’d say, ‘She has her hair and make-up done and takes bows on stage.’ That’s because I’d put her down for a nap during matinees and she’d wake up just in time for curtain call.”


The NFL shares this video clip of Jennifer talking about her new role in Draft Day!

Actress Jennifer Garner talks about the character she plays in the upcoming movie about the Cleveland Browns’ front office called “Draft Day”.


Last night Jennifer presented an award at the Annual NFL Honors. Images of Jen presenting have been added to the gallery.

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Check out the Super Bowl Spot for Jennifer’s film Draft Day!


Buffalo News shared this great interview with Jen while she was publicizing her new film Draft Day.

NEW YORK — Oh, what might have been for Jim Overdorf.

If not for tax breaks in Ohio, the Buffalo Bills’ under-the-radar contract negotiator would have been movie star Jennifer Garner’s muse.

Garner was a guest with “TSN Drive” host Dave Naylor and me today at the Super Bowl media center in Manhattan. She was on Radio Row to promote the movie “Draft Day,” in which she and co-star Kevin Costner try to salvage the Cleveland Browns.

The Bills were supposed to be that team. Overdorf should have been the person Garner partnered with to research her role.

Alas …

“Draft Day” director Ivan Reitman, who grew up in Toronto, wanted the film to be about the Bills and shot in Western New York. But a source told The Buffalo News the production reportedly saved $3 million by moving in Ohio instead.

Rather than shadow Overdorf, Garner spent her time studying Browns legal affairs director Megan Rogers to learn what being a capologist is all about.

“It’s tough,” Garner said. “It’s for lawyers. It’s a business affairs-kind of game, but there’s so much more art to it than that. … But you kind of have to have a million different kind of jobs rolled into one to be a capologist.

“I just basically stalked Megan Rogers, who runs the salary cap for the Cleveland Browns and followed her around and made her explain it to me over and over again and had lunch with her and took pictures of her desk. Then she would say, ‘That’s all confidential!’ I’d say, ‘I don’t care what’s written down. I just want my desk to look like yours. I’m just pretending.’ ”

Depicting a troubled organization was important to build “Draft Day” drama. The Bills haven’t been to the playoffs 14 straight years. The Browns are among the NFL’s most dysfunctional clubs.

“It made sense for us to be in a city like Cleveland or like Buffalo,” Garner said, “where the fans are beleaguered and the team is on its way back up.”

To listen to the interview go here.