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Preach! Jennifer Garner was among the handful of high-profile honorees at the Oct. 20 Elle “Women in Hollywood” celebration in Beverly Hills, where she gave a memorable speech about gender equality in the industry.

Garner, 42, started her speech by noting why events like “Women in Hollywood” are important. “I mean, the ‘Men in Hollywood’ event is every day. It’s called Hollywood,” the actress joked. She then used an anecdote involving her husband Ben Affleck, while explaining why women in the industry should not need to schedule a special event to celebrate their efforts.

“My husband and I do kind of the same job — a little bit,” the mother of three said with a laugh. “Not long ago we both had one of those magical days which we call a junket, where we both attended these lovely events where people come in every four minutes and they ask the same questions.”

Garner said that she and Affleck, 42, came home and compared notes from their respective press junkets, at which point they found a rather comical pattern. “I told him every single person who interviewed me — and I mean every single one… asked me: ‘How do you balance work and family?'” the working mother recalled.

As for the questions fielded by her husband? “[Ben] said the only thing anyone asked him repeatedly was about the (breasts) on the ‘Blurred Lines’ girl!” Garner exclaimed of Affleck’s “Gone Girl” costar Emily Ratajkowski. “We’re talking about them — they are real and they are fabulous and everyone should take a look and enjoy. As for work-life balance, he said that no one asked him about it that day. As a matter-of-fact, no one had ever asked him about it. Not once.”

The logic befuddled Garner, who joked: “And we do share the same family. Isn’t it kind of time to change that conversation? For the record, he’s not on diaper duty tonight. He’s working.”

In closing, Garner pleaded with Elle and the famous faces filed in the Four Seasons to think progressively, on behalf of womankind. “So, while we’re at it, while we’re changing the world (Elle, you have some say in this), can we just stop pretending that skinny jeans are flattering?” Garner joked. “Can we just band together and go for a bootcut…please?”


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Did you know that Jennifer worked with Elizabeth Banks pre-Alias? Well Elizabeth shares the news!

Look at them now! Elizabeth Banks revealed at the Elle Women in Hollywood celebration on Monday, Oct. 20, that she and Jennifer Garner once worked in the NYC restaurant scene at the same time, when the Alias star landed her career-launching TV gig. Banks also spoke about how Annette Bening inspired her to push her way through her acting career.

Banks, 40, one of the evening’s honorees, took to the stage after a funny introduction made by her Hunger Games costar Jennifer Lawrence. “When I was in drama school, Annette Bening came to [give a speech],” recalled Banks. “And that’s the bulls— I’ve been doing since then. F—ing studying Chekhov and Shakespeare. F—ing making a porno movie [Zack and Miri Make a Porno]. So, I went to drama school and Annette came and she was very forthcoming about all types of [problems in Hollywood] like not getting paid enough money, because her costar Denzel Washington was going to make like 10 times as much money as her, and all these amazing things.”

How did Banks react to Bening’s speech? “I was like, s—!” she told the crowd of high-profile stars filtered to the Four Seasons Hotel. “Hollywood is going to be tough! But I was so excited that Annette Bening — I mean she’s married to Warren f—ing Beatty — she like, showed up to my little school and was like, ‘Keep going, keep going!'”

Another person to inspire Banks throughout her acting career was Garner, the 30 Rock alum revealed. “That was the encouragement I needed in that moment,” Banks reflected of Bening. “So I went to New York City and I was a waitress on the Upper West Side and Jennifer Garner was a waitress [at the same restaurant] on the Upper West Side.”

Garner yelled from the crowd, “I was a hostess, baby!”

“A hostess, sorry,” Banks quipped. “Jennifer Garner, it turns out, was so f—ing nice, that literally, I didn’t even know her, but I knew of her. Everyone was like, ‘Did you hear about the hostess who got that f—ing awesome TV show Alias, and we were like, ‘F—! Yeah she’s cool! She’s so f—ing nice! She deserves that gig! She deserves! She’s cool!’ Literally!”

Hearing about Garner the hostess landing a TV role encouraged Banks even more. “I was like, ‘She did it man!’ She’s no longer a f—ing hostess! Like I might not always be a waitress! It might work out!’ I got super encouraged. I got super encouraged.” Banks concluded her speech by referencing Garner’s introduction from Steve Carell. “And now she’s like Steve Carell’s best friend. I did a movie with Steve Carell and he didn’t f—ing come up here! I had Jen, I had Jen! You were better, you were better!” Banks shouted at Jennifer Lawrence.

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Jennifer was honored at the Elle Women in Hollywood Awards!

Thanks to Claudia for sharing some of these pics with us!

Gallery Links:
Jennifer Garner Online > 2014 > October 20 | Elle’s Women In Hollywood Awards

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Unfortunately last night the news broke that designer Oscar de la Renta passed away. Jennifer shared some of her memories of her last dress designed by him.

Remember Jennifer Garner’s gorgeous Oscars look this year? Garner wistfully discussed her silver beaded Oscar de la Renta stunner with USA TODAY Monday night at the Elle Women in Hollywood Awards, which was held as the news broke that the legendary designer died at the age of 82. De la Renta dressed the Dallas Buyers Club star (and presenter) head to toe, and even put a special spin on her red carpet experience.

“He always wanted women to be the star of the look. He was never trying to take over and be the boss. The sketches that he did for me at the Oscars last year, every single one of them he sketched my face in. It wasn’t just a sketch of some dress — it was how it would be on me, specifically. I was so lucky to get to work with him and to know him even just a little bit.”

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This past Saturday Jennifer hosted the annual “The Pink Party”. She wore a pink Christian Dior wool crepe dress with black Christian Louboutin sandals and a a black Roger Vivier clutch.

Thanks to both Claudia and Renee for sharing some of these pics with us!

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Scans of Jen from the November issue of Elle! Thanks Claudia for sharing!

Be sure to go pick up your own copy!

Gallery Links:
Jennifer Garner Online > PUBLICATIONS > 2014 > November | Elle

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I have added captures of Jen’s recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Jen is just absolutely adorable!

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Jennifer Garner Online > CAPTURES > 2014 > October 8 | The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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Okay here are some clips thanks to Team Coco for sharing these clips of Jen on the Conan Show! I LOVE the Goat impressions that Jen did! HA HA!

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