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Posted on Oct 04, 2014
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With great power comes a great bod. That’s the first rule of being a superhero.

And Ben Affleck has certainly beefed up for his part in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In fact, he’s gotten so ripped that his wife Jennifer Garner doesn’t even recognize him — and she loves it!

“You know, he has put on 30 pounds of muscle and he’s 8 percent body fat,” Jen told Kelly Ripa on Friday’s Live With Kelly & Michael. “He looks pretty good. It’s a little bit like, ‘Whoa, who are you?’. It feels like I’m having an affair. But I don’t mind, I’m not complaining.”

Ben also stopped by earlier the morning show earlier in the week, where he talked about having to bulk up in order to compete with today’s larger-than-life superheroes of the Marvel universe.

“I have been getting bigger,” he told the hosts. “I have been working out a lot. These are not roles that you can do and not exercise for. Audiences have now increasing expectations. Like, in the ’50s, you could just be like Burt Lancaster and tall. That was ok, but now you see guys like Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans and all these guys whose bodies are just, you think, ‘How is that even possible?’ Exercising is as much a part of the job as the rest of it.”

Well, it’s nice to know those muscles aren’t just built in – like the nipples from the George Clooney-era Batsuit!

As for Jen, she confirms she’s seen the that Batman suit tons of times but would prefer that her husband leave it at work.

“It takes a team to get it off, I couldn’t,” she laughs. “I mean if we were in the heat of passion, I’d be like, ‘Um, let me get a chainsaw. I don’t know how to get it off.'”

Jen’s man is showing a lot more than muscles in his in Gone Girl as there’s a full frontal scene, but let’s flashback to 1997 when he has his first guy-on-guy kissing scene!


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Posted on Oct 01, 2014
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Dork Shelf gives us this interview with Jennifer and her director Jason Reitman about their new film Men, Women and Children.

Jason Reitman isn’t nervous about talking about his latest big screen drama, but Jennifer Garner seems a bit daunted being the only actor on hand to talk about the ensemble drama Men, Women, & Children (opening in Toronto this Friday, and expanding across Canada over the next several weeks) on behalf of her incredibly stacked cast.

“When I was told that I was going to be the only actor here with Jason, I’ll admit that I freaked out a little bit in my head,” Garner joked before getting down to business during a sit down with press for the film’s premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival last month. “There was a part of me that was thinking, ‘Man, I really need Adam Sandler for this.’”

Garner, who plays an overprotective mother trying to shield her daughter from the dangers of the internet in Reitman’s film, has little to worry about. She has a natural rapport with Reitman even when they don’t necessarily agree on the questions they’re answering. Plus, they have a history that works in their favour. Having worked previously on the Oscar nominated Juno, Reitman passed along his adaptation of Chad Kultgen’s novel (co-written with Chloe and Secretary writer Erin Cressida Wilson) on a plane ride while both were on the way to the set of father Ivan Reitman’s previous film, Draft Day, which also co-starred Garner.

The film places the focus on how the connected world of the internet serves to make personal connections in the real world even harder. Garner’s on screen daughter, played by Kaitlyn Dever, has been hiding a crush on a boy she really likes (played by skyrocketing young star Ansel Elgort). The boy she like has quit his star spot on the football team while dealing with his mother’s sudden departure to be with another man. Meanwhile in the same small Texas town, a couple (Adam Sandler and Rosemarie DeWitt), a struggling single mother (Judy Greer) unwittingly exploits her daughter’s attractiveness under the guise that it will help the young woman’s modelling career, and a cheerleader with anorexia (Elena Kampouris) fights to get noticed by her peers.

Reitman and Garner talked to us about the film’s darker elements, how people who seem like villains can actually be sympathetic, and the pros and cons of internet culture.

What was it about Chad Kultgen’s book that made you want to adapt it for the big screen and how did it differ from other adaptations that you have already done?

Jason Reitman: I really fell in love with Chad’s voice as a writer when I read his book Average American Male, and his approach to the internet was very frank and at the same time passed no judgment. What happened with his books, and with anything I ever thought about making into a movie, I thought about how he was, as a writer, responding to questions that he didn’t have answers to. I saw that as an opportunity to approach a lot of things that had been on my mind.

Jennifer Garner: And really the film is only a fraction as frank as the book is. (laughs) The book is SO much darker. I think it really gets to the heart of the darkness some people have within them.

Read more…

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Posted on Sep 15, 2014
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This post has 0 Comments gives a sneak peek at Jen’s cover story!

In the October issue of InStyle, on newsstands and available for digital download September 19, writer Laurie Sandell got an unprecedented peek into cover girl Jennifer Garner’s life with husband Ben Affleck and their three kids. The following is an excerpt of that insider access.

At 5:45 a.m., while most of Los Angeles still sleeps, Jennifer Garner is bustling around her open kitchen, brewing a much-needed cup of coffee. She and her husband, actor-director and soon-to-be Dark Knight Ben Affleck, share the sprawling ranch house with their kids (Violet, 8, Seraphina, 5, and Samuel, 2). A single glance around the space and you immediately understand what’s No. 1 on their list. Family photos adorn almost every surface, a pint-size backpack lies on a sofa, and the sliding glass doors that lead to the outdoor deck are covered with drawings. “Sorry things are such a mess,” Garner says, gesturing to the many art projects in progress. This is a family home.

Her trainer of more than a dozen years, Valerie Waters, leans against a kitchen counter, waiting to take her famous client (and me) through her daily workout. Clad in a faded blue sweatshirt over a gray tank top and blue leggings, Garner follows Waters out to the long, winding driveway flanked by tall trees—and more than a few tricycles. There, under the dark predawn sky, the actress warms up with a brisk walk, touching the gate that protects her hive, then returns to take a sip of coffee.

The workout proper takes place in her gym, housed in a building across the courtyard. While Garner and I are stretching inside, a figure appears in the doorway: It’s Affleck, tall and ruggedly handsome with morning stubble, wearing a gray hoodie and black nylon gym shorts, a towel slung over his shoulder. “Hey guys, can I crash your workout?” he asks before climbing onto the elliptical machine.

Garner turns to me and jokes, “How bummed are you that you thought you were just working out with me, and now you have to exercise in front of Ben Affleck?”

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Posted on Jun 10, 2014
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Allure did a blog about Jennifer and her trying to raise awareness for people (and her kids) to wear sunscreen!

There was a time (not too long ago) when baby oil was more of a beach staple than sunscreen. Jennifer Garner knows what I’m talking about: “My whole generation—I think we were all just tossed out into the sun to burn to a crisp,” she told me on the phone. “I was deep brown all summer, every summer. Now I realize I’m really fair, and I never had any business being that tan.” While the low-key actress may not insist on wearing makeup every day, SPF is non-negotiable—for her or her family. Read on to find out how she gets her kids to slather the stuff on, and why she thinks she’s a beauty disaster. (We’re going to go ahead and disagree with her on that one.)

How do you get your kids to wear sunscreen?
“It’s such a battle. But everyone has to do it every day. You have to make it part of the routine so that they stop fighting. I let them decide: Do they want a face and body stick on their face and arms before school, or do they want a lotion? I let them choose a song, and by the end of singing it, I have to be done putting it on them. You make a game out of how fast you can do it—but it has to happen. It can be a game or it can be a battle, but it’s going on one way or the other.”

What about your husband [Ben Affleck]? I read about a study recently that said men are more at risk for melanoma because they’re less likely to wear sunscreen.
“50 percent of men say they have not worn sunscreen in the past year. I cannot tell you how many battles with him I’ve had about sunscreen when we’re at the beach and I see him crisping up. He knows how I feel about it; he knows what I do for a living [Garner is a spokeswoman for Neutrogena]. If I can sneak it in, I spray it on him.”

What’s your go-to sunscreen?
“Neutrogena Ultra Sheer, because it doesn’t mess with your makeup if you have to wear any and it doesn’t aggravate your skin. SPF 30 in the winter, but now it’s almost always 45. If I’m going to be out in the sun, it’s probably up to 70.”

When you’re at the beach, do you wear makeup?
“No. I almost never wear makeup unless someone is putting it on me for work. I do usually use a little concealer around my nose or under my eyes, but that’s as far as I go. I used to wear mascara every day, and I don’t know why, but it feels fake or something. I’ve just grown out of it.”

So I guess it’s fair to say you aren’t exactly a beauty junkie?
“I’m not someone who should be in a beauty spotlight. I was one of those people who wore pajamas to class every day in college, and I would still be that way if I could! I’m in New Balance sneakers every day. I try not to be because I get made fun of by my husband and friends, but it’s not natural for me to think about how I look on a daily basis. So I’m kind of my own walking beauty disaster.

That’s pretty hard to believe when we see pictures of you on the red carpet.
“I have grown to love nice clothes and looking nice. I’ve been exposed to such a level of fashion and design that I have no right to wear, and I have to say, I’ve grown to reeeeaalllly like them. When it comes to red carpet, I’m all in.”

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Last night Jen stopped by the Tonight show and chatted it up with Jimmy Fallon! Such a fun interview! Check it out!

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This morning Jennifer stopped by Good Morning America to talk about her role in Draft Day. She explains what a capologist is.

Watch the interview here:

Plus we have some stills of her from the interview thanks to Claudia!

Gallery Links:
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Yesterday Jennifer called in for an interview on the Dan Patrick Show. Here is a video of the interview.

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Thanks to Claudia for the heads up!