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The Washington Post did a Celebvocate highlight on Jennifer and her recent visit to Washington DC.

An occasional look at the celebrities who come to Washington to talk up a favorite cause. Wednesday’s visitor: Jennifer Garner.

Event: The unveiling of a report on the welfare of poor children.

Venue: Hotel conference room packed with Hill staffers, advocacy folk.

Bona fides: Star of TV’s “Alias” and many adorable rom-coms; mom of three; wife of Ben Affleck (in town to promote “Argo” — maybe they carpooled?); loyal advocate for Save the Children of four years standing.

Backup: Chris Dodd, Sen. Bob Casey, Mark Shriver of Save the Children, Bruce Lesley of First Focus.

What she wants: More government aid for poor families, expansion of early childhood education, etc.

How she looked: Like the American Kate Middleton. Shiny hair, dimply smiles, subdued makeup, slim belted black dress.

How she sounded: Like an old pro, well past the rattling-off-stats stage of early celebvocacy. Garner shrewdly deployed vivid anecdotes from her field visits to impoverished communities.

Soundbite: After telling her 6-year-old daughter she had to go to D.C. for meetings on the Hill and at the CIA, Violet scribbled out a note: “Dear Senators and CIA, please give my mother the money she wants for Save the Children.”

Earlier: Garner’s been coming to D.C. for Save the Children since before we’d even quite coined the phrase “celebvocate”, 5/6/09

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