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In honor of Father’s day this past week Jennifer did an interview with Mark Shriver, a senior vice president of Save the Children. They spoke about their fathers and about Mark’s new book. Here was my favorite section of the article.

My parents are still an enormous influence in my life. I am lucky to have had an attentive, curious and loving dad and heart-smart, down to earth, gifted mother. They changed the outlooks of their own lives and have never forgotten the people and organizations that helped them dream bigger than their circumstances should have allowed.

I am proud to be a part of an organization that gives kids growing up poor in America the same boost my parents received. With our birth to five home visits and in school literacy programs, Save the Children is changing the future for thousands of kids and teaching them to dream big.

Our kids came to me with a portion of their earnings from a recent lemonade stand and asked me to send it to Save the Children to help kids who don’t have books in their homes. They know that I am never sorry to leave when I have a trip to see our programs and I am proud that they are eager to be a part of it.

Happy father’s day to my dad, Bill Garner. I love you.

And to the world’s best — Happy Father’s Day, Ben.

To read the entire article go here.

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