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Last night Jennifer attended the dinner Chanel threw in honor of Baby2Baby and thanks to Claudia we have pics in our gallery from the event!

Gallery Links:
Jennifer Garner Online > FILMS > 2004 | 13 Going On 30 > Production Stills

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I added some new stills from Jen’s film 13 Going on 30 to our gallery.

Gallery Links:
Jennifer Garner Online > FILMS > 2004 | 13 Going On 30 > Production Stills

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The Hollywood Reporter had Hollywood determine it’s favorite television shows. Alias made #84!

You can only have ONE favorite show. Here, thousands of the town’s insiders pulled the trigger and name theirs in THR’s first entertainment-industry ranked TV list, as the stars and creators reveal their never-told stories (Bill Cosby as Sam Malone?!).

What’s the best TV show of all time? Who knows? This poll is strictly about favorite shows, the programs people in Hollywood hold nearest to their hearts — that remind them of better times or speak to their inner child or inspire their creativity or just help them unwind after a crappy day at the studio — even if one or two of the programs listed here aren’t exactly masterpieces of the medium.

Last year, THR published the world’s first movie list based on a polling of Hollywood pros. This year’s TV survey was handled in a similar fashion. We asked more than 2,800 industry people — including 779 actors, 365 producers and 268 directors, among others — to choose their favorite series of all time (excluding talk shows and news programs). Although the survey was anonymous, some big names were willing to go on the record. “My favorite is Twin Peaks,” says Damon Lindelof, co-creator of Lost (No. 15 on the list, five above David Lynch’s mystery). “It quite literally changed the way my brain worked.” Mike Hopkins, CEO of Hulu, picks The Sopranos (No. 6). “It’s just classic. It had everything,” he says. But even when respondents didn’t volunteer their own identities for the public, the results of this survey are full of surprises, starting with the show Hollywood chose as its all-time No. 1 favorite.

84. Alias
(2001-2006) ABC

J.J. Abrams’ spy-fi series put Jennifer Garner in a different wig and clingy outfit every week, but that was only part of its appeal. “It was really about a family that happened to be spies,” says Victor Garber, 66, who played Garner’s spy-boss father. “That’s what made it relatable.”

To see the entire list go here.

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I have been working on revamping the gallery … I have uploaded over 37,000 images but there are more to come … check out our new gallery at jengarner.net/images!

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Jen attended the taping of a Telecast hosted by the Entertainment Industry Foundation for Teachers & Students that will be broadcast on NBC, ABC and others in the near future.

Gallery Links:
Jennifer Garner Online > 2015 > September 11 | Entertainment Industry Foundation Hosts Star-Studded Telecast For Teachers And Students – Inside
Jennifer Garner Online > 2015 > September 11 | Entertainment Industry Foundation Hosts Star-Studded Telecast For Teachers And Students – Show

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We are now at our new host and I have made the decision to give the site an official name … Jennifer Garner Online along with our new url of jengarner.net so be sure to update your bookmarks and follow us on twitter!

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Hello Jennifer fans!

Unfortunately our fansite hosting service has closing its doors. As of Monday 10th August, the site will be offline. Also we will no longer have access to the current site domain so the site will be found on jengarner.net from now on.

I am already working to have it moved to another host, so hopefully the downtime won’t be extensive. Please, be sure to follow us on twitter at @JenGarnerNet to be updated on site status and/or URL changes.

Thanks for your continued support! We will be back!

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Jennifer is spotted on the set of “Miracles From Heaven” on August 2 in Atlanta.

– Movie > Miracles from Heaven On the Set – August 2 2015

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Jennifer films scenes for her new movie “Miracles from Heaven” with costar Queen Latifah and Hannah Alligood on July 20 in Atlanta.

– Movie > Miracles from Heaven On the Set – July 20 2015

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07.29.15   By Mary

A 9-year-old Athens boy had the chance to meet one of his favorite celebrities while undergoing chemotherapy in Atlanta.

It was last Thanksgiving that the Shepherd family found out their son Henry had Osteosarcoma, which is a type of bone cancer that begins in the cells that form your bones. It started with knee pain.

Following the diagnosis, Henry began aggressive chemotherapy at Scottish Rite in Atlanta.

The Shepherd family said Henry has been in and out of the hospital since December of 2014. He is admitted for every chemo treatment and has had 17 treatments so far. His final treatment is this Friday.

In March, Henry also had surgery to remove a malignant tumor from his right femur in Gainesville, Florida. His foot was removed from his leg during this surgery and rotated 180 degrees. The remaining portion of his tibia was attached to the remaining femur which allows his ankle to function as his knee.

The advantage of Rotationplasty is that he will have a “knee” to allow for better control versus a prosthetic leg, according to his family.

On Sunday, as Henry was getting his second-to-last chemo treatment, a very special visitor stopped by Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite… Actress Jennifer Garner!

Garner has been filming Miracles from Heaven in Atlanta, which is set to release in 2016. The movie is about a young girl suffering from a rare digestive disorder. It’s based on the book Three Miracles From Heaven which was written by Christy Beam.

Garner, along with actress Kylie Rogers who is also in the movie, decided to visit some of the children at Scottish Rite. They stopped by Henry’s room and chatted with him, and Henry’s twin sister, for about ten minutes.

Henry’s mom, Carrie Shepherd, said Garner was “genuinely nice.” She also said Henry is a huge fan of Garner’s movie Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day and knew who she was right away.

We learned about Henry’s story through photographer Brandy Angel, who we recently interviewed. Angel is dedicated to helping others and has photographed many families in need of kidneys or any sort of help.

“I love people. That’s what I do,” said Angel. “I feel like everybody deserves compassion and help because we are all at that position at some point in time in our life.”
Source: http://www.myfoxatlanta.com

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